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Premenopause Transition Classes & 2014 Class Schedule

Source: photo.elsoar.com

Source: photo.elsoar.com

Wow, have you seen our 2014 class schedule? It is looking great! Two classes have already started and the year is just beginning.

And we have two – count ’em TWO! – Premenopause Transition courses scheduled as well: June 8th and August 9th.

The Transition classes are complementary to the Main Class Series. As the name implies, in the Main Class Series you learn all you need to know to practice the sympto-thermal method, but these two type of life events, postpartum and premenopause, can be a little tricky and have special rules in regards to interpreting the mucus patterns that are affected by the changing hormone levels. Amazingly, the rules for both are just about the same which is why CCL has combined the courses into one book simply called Transitions Student Guide. Though rules may overlap at times, the end result is different (return of fertility after childbirth vs. approaching the end of the fertile years), and so it is taught in two separate courses.

At this time, Postpartum classes are scheduled upon request, usually because the time when a woman is ready for that course depends upon her due date and so on. The Premenopause class, however, is something that a woman may take anytime, usually close to the time that she suspects the change is coming or that it will come in a year or two. Learning the materials ahead of time is always helping not only in successfully interpreting cycles but also to prepare, even emotionally, for the changes to come, and to learn ways to stay healthy during the changes.

For those with current membership to CCL, there is no additional cost to take any Transition course, or, for that matter, an Upgrade Class for those who would like a refresher to the Main Class Series. The only cost is that of the student guide books, which can be purchased when registering for a class. For those without current membership, there is simply a small fee in addition to the book.

So, check out our schedules, bookmark or pass them along! You never know who might be interested, and we can always use the extra help in spreading the word.


New 2014 Class Schedule!

Whew, who is thinking about 2014 already? We are! Our 2014 class schedule is now available. You can check it out here. We’ve also got an easy-to-read .pdf ready to print; just look for the link on the page.

We are also starting a Resource list! I know I’m always on the lookout for a great read, especially pertaining to Catholicism and family life, and I love making lists, so this is a perfect of the two marriage (hehe!). Okay, well the list is pretty small at the moment, but it can only get bigger, right?

And yes, if you’re wondering if things look a bit different around here, you’d be right. How do you like the changes? If you think there is something we can do to make the website more user-friendly, just let us know!

In the meantime, I will work on my use of exclamation marks. (!!!)

June 1st Starts Next Class Series

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There has been a change to the 2013 Class Schedule and the the next class series will begin Saturday, June 1st, at 10am in Hallsville. Classes two and three will be June 22nd and July 13th, respectively. There is room for one more couple (maybe more if there is a great need). Can you help us spread the word? You never know who may be interested in a class… Contact Jeremy & Maria Henson for more information. Thank you!!