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How much do we waste?

this trash wanted to go in a can, but the can ...

this trash wanted to go in a can, but the can was too full, so it’s waiting for the next one (Photo credit: purplepix)

When a new neighbor moved into my neighborhood a few years ago, his first reaction to my brood of four kids was: “Oh…my…when we were having kids, it was all about ‘zero population growth.'”

NFP and big families are linked in the minds of the public, and this is one of the major hurdles we face in promoting NFP. Whatever your opinions on environmental policy, you can’t argue that we are called to be good stewards of creation:┬ánot using more than we consume, protecting the earth for future generations to enjoy.

In fact, as NFP users, you could say we have an even greater responsibility to be careful of how we use the earth simply because we often do choose to have more children than the “norm,” and that lays us open to criticism about our use of resources.

Sometimes we defend our choices based on the principle that more immortal souls can never a bad thing. While that’s true, I don’t think it’s the most effective response.

This article caught my eye this morning: Humans on course to triple waste by 2100. I am constantly appalled by the amount of trash I see on the curb in my neighborhood every week. I don’t understand how people who are at home a quarter of the time we are can generate five times as much trash. I think our best defense is to show by the way we live our lives and the way we teach our children to live their lives that a family of six or eight can actually have a significantly lower carbon footprint than a family of three or four. Because once we live it, we demonstrate that “bigger” doesn’t necessarily equal “more.”

What about you? What do you do to reduce waste and consumption in your families?

CycleProGo Mobile App

The Couple to Couple League (CCL), Inc., has launched it’s very own natural family planning charting app, CycleProGo!

Image of Devices

Based on the Sympto-Thermal Method learned through CCL’s Main Course Series, CycleProGo takes charting to a new level. With this mobile application you can record all the fertility signs usually associated with a paper chart, in addition to creating custom-designed events. It assists couples with determining the fertile and infertile phases of the woman’s cycle, is accessible between multiple devices, and the charts are easy to share with each other or a teaching couple. A 90-day free trial is included at registration with the purchase of a Main Class Series. Find out more about CycleProGo here.

Note: Using CycleProGo is only recommended after having completed CCL’s Main Class series.