Need for Clergy to Preach on Sexuality, Fr. McCaffrey

This (very long overdue!) post is dedicated to an excellent article on the need for clergy to preach more on the topic of sexuality found in Humanae Vitae.

Father Daniel McCaffrey, who on behalf of Natural Family Planning Outreach travels the country speaking on human sexuality, marriage and family life, shares with LifeSiteNews the importance of the upcoming Vatican Synod of Bishops on the Family to address this need. Among other things, Fr. McCaffrey says, “Contraception is a cancer destroying our Church today,” and that, “it’s the root cause, in my opinion, for much of the heartache that the Church has today with regard to marriage.” Click here for the full article.

If interested, you can also find the entire papal encyclical letter, Humanae Vitae, on the Vatican’s website. It is a must read!

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