Article: Catholic Experts React to Historically Low Fertility Rate

This is a very interesting article about some commentary regarding our historically low fertility rate: Catholic Experts React to Historically Low Fertility Rate in America.

The article states that according to a recent National Center for Health Statistics report, “the total fertility rate has not been above replacement since 2007, and it has dropped every year since.” Catholic experts speculate things that may have led to this problem include a poor economy and the increase of divorce and cohabitation, especially as unstable relationships tend not to be conducive to producing children. I could paraphrase the heck out this article, but really, you should just read it here.

This article makes me think about the Great Overpopulation Myth. Did you know that it is a myth? I wasn’t enlightened until a few years ago. We do not have an overpopulation problem. We are having an underpopulation problem. Here are a couple of websites that do an awesome job explaining:

Question: Did you know that overpopulation is a myth? Or are you skeptical about it?



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