Two new NFP studies, one with potential to influence the medical treatment of infertility

There are two new NFP studies currently ongoing at the University of Utah, one which may have a significant impact on the medical treatment of infertility. The Office of Cooperative Reproductive Health is conducting new research focusing on the Creighton Fertility Care System (CrMS) method of natural family planning: the Creighton Model Effectiveness, Intentions and Behaviors Assessment (CEIBA), and the international NaPro Technology Evaluation and Surveillance of Treatment (iNEST) study.

The CEIBA will be examining the effectiveness of CrMS in avoiding pregnancy using newer statistical methods. At this time, enrollment of couples has been met and clinicians are gathering data and conducting preliminary analyses, which results will be available over the next year. To find out more about this study, visit

The iNEST study is examining the effectiveness of NaPro Technology (NPT) in assisting couples with conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy, researching ways that NPT treatment can be improved and whether there are fewer long-term health risks for children born from these couples over other fertility treatments. They are still seeking enrollees at this time. For more information, visit
The iNEST study is an independent analysis of the work that Dr. Thomas Hilger’s previously conducted. If the results confirm Dr. Hilger’s, it could have a significant impact on the medical field, especially in regards to infertility treatment. The current trend for most practitioners has been to promote in vitro fertilization, which, according to, is a “skipping over” of the necessary step of treating infertility issues that are often an indication of an underlying disease. According to Dr. Hilger’s research, there is a substantial difference between the effectiveness of treating infertility using NaPro Technology and that of in vitro fertilization. Dr. Hilgers’ research results and notes can be found at

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