CCL Cooks: Cheesy Tomato Bake

The last recipe we’re going to share this time is Cheesy Tomato Bake from Penzey’s Spices and can be found here, so I won’t repost it.

The recipe tells you to use biscuit or pancake mix. I don’t like the taste of those mixes, so I just made biscuit dough and pressed it into the bottom of the pan. An easier, quicker option would be to get a canister of biscuits (maybe 2) and press them into the bottom.

The other alteration I made is that I cut the amount of sour cream from 3/4 c. to 1/2 c., and I used 3/4 c. of each cheese instead of a full cup. In its original form it is a very, very gooey mess.

Hope you enjoy!

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