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Meet the Hensons, CCL Teaching Couple!

Henson's-Easter 2012

Meet Jeremy and Maria Henson.  They have been married since 2007 and have one daughter, Cari Bernadette.  Jeremy graduated from Truman State University with a psychology degree and works in the financial aid field at Columbia College. He enjoys reading, studying Church history, and everything sports-related.  Maria studied Child and Family Development at Missouri State University and is enjoying learning the art of homemaking, including cooking, sewing and gardening.  They were certified as a CCL teaching couple in April 2012 and are excited about sharing the good news of NFP with other couples.

Meet Kate and Christian Basi, CCL Teaching Couple

Kate and Christian Basi

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…….. now wait a minute, who made THAT mess!

Christian and Kate Basi met in the choir at the Newman Center in Columbia in 1995. He proposed to her in front of God and everyone three years later, after Communion at Sunday Mass–and people still stop them in the store to say “I was there when you got engaged!” 

Following a three-year battle with infertility, the kids arrived in quick succession. These days Christian and Kate head up a family of unconventional superheroes: four kids who can reduce people to piles of goo just by batting their big brown eyes, who can yell talk 24/7 without rest and always require a response, who can wrap the hardest-hearted grump around their cute little fingers, and whose imaginations know no bounds. 

In “real life,” Christian works at the university, and Kate is a freelance writer who works from home, surrounded by chaos cute kids. The Basis moonlight as superhero parents by fixing toys no matter how many times they break, finding everything the kids lose (well, almost everything), playing music for weddings, teaching music lessons, leading a church choir, advocating for special needs, and oh yes, by teaching NFP in their oh-so-ample spare time. 

Basi Avengers! ASSEMBLE!!!!

(Yes, we are this cheesy in real life. That’s what makes us such fun NFP teachers. 🙂 )

family small